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samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 wifi p5110 jelly bean installtion guide here

samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 wifi p5110

     Its time to taste jellybean for taiwan users on ur 10.1 inch tablet recently 
samsung confirmed the update of jelly bean officially so guyz i am posting 
a links down 
below which allows u to download pit file and pda(aka firmware) so guyz 
lets start:>>

  warning:-I am not 
responsible for anything went wrong dont blame me !!!
!!!!!(if u do something wrong means its gonna be leads to permanent brick so 
pls be careful while flashing)  

    Installtion guide :-

   1.Download the pit.rar and copy to one folder name it as jelly bean .
   2.Download the firmware file "P5110OZSCLK6_TGY.zip" extract 
it to jelly bean folder,
remember u have installed compaitability samsung drivers nd use back usb port only
then open "odin.exe" run it as administrator
select "pit" file p5110.pit and pda as "P5110OZSCLK6_TGY.tar.md5" then put 
ur tablet in download mode (.putting ur tablet in download mode (power off ur tab
 and hold power,volumedown both at a same time and asks u volume up
 to enter into download mode )once u enter into 
downlaod mode odin will show with yellow indictaor com:5 thats means u device is detected 
and hit "start" remember dont remove
usb cable untill it shows "pass" once u see pass on odin ur tablet automatically
boots in to jelly bean njoy!!!!!!!!{evolve of android} 
 Download links here:-
({download the firmware file from this link}
special thanks sammobile!

if u have any doubts forward it to me :

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