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!!! [WARNING] !!! --- ICS Hard Bricks!!


 Its important meassge to all samsung gt-p6200 7.0 plus users :- 

                                                           !!! [WARNING] !!! --- ICS Hard Bricks!!!

    As of right now be sure that you all are extemely cautious when trying to flash any type of ICS package (be it firmware, a ROM, or any type of system running it). Our tablet may have an issue with ICS as many other galaxy devices have. A bug currently exists that corrupts the mounting of the data partition on the device which *MAY* lead to a permanent hard bricking of your device. 
This is currently a very RARE issue, however, those who are not well educated in Android development and that do not know how to 100% reset their tablet should refrain from flashing any type of ICS ROM or ODIN package. 
If you have already flashed an ICS ODIN package or are running CM9 safely and have been for a good amount of time, then my guess is that this issue will not effect you, BUT it may strike you at any given time!

For those of you who insist on upgrading to ICS, *PLEASE* backup your entire ROM and make sure that you have the stock HC ODIN package. Although it probably won't help having them if you are hard bricked.

    I also had the can't mount data problem, I tried for 3 days to get it to work.
 I ended up sending it back to Samsung after reverting everything to stock.
 I was on cm9 though and one night it just started bootlooping while i was asleep. I.e. it 
would fully boot then restart after 5 seconds or so. So I tried reverting
 to stock and trying again, which is when I got the can't mount data issue. 
I literally tried every combination of wiping, recovery, Odin/heimdall,
 and the only thing that would get past the Samsung logo was cm9,
 which would just stick at the boot animation forever. I got tired of 
messing with it and thought it could have be
en a hardware problem, so I sent it back under warranty

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  1. Yes its true I also got a problem with this tablet when I flashed to ics and my tab sticks at boot logo of samsung and I tried with stock hc Odin package but no result so pls help what can I do ????:-p